All about Viviana Rodriguez

All about me

Ten things I like

1.)I like to sleep.

2.)I like algebra.

3.)I like movies.

4.)I like choir.

5.)I like to swim.

6.)I like to draw.

7.)I like to laugh.

8.)I like to chill.

9.)I like to jam.

10.)I like to learn about Greek mythology.

My most embarassing moment

My most embarrassing moment was in 2009 around the beginning of June. My family and I had taken a trip to México to visit our family. My aunt owns a little restaurant, so we decided to go eat with them. While there we were out side and a bird pooped on my shirt, I cried a lot. Then my momma just wiped it off; a couple of minutes passed and another bird pooped on my pants and I cried again. I made my dad take me to our house to change.

Weird questions i have been asked

1.) Is your hair real?

2.) Are you Hispanic?

3.)Why are you so white?