Who are the millennials?

We are positive, open-minded, confident, caring, and aware

There are two sides to every story

As young people we love new and exciting things, this may make us seem ungrateful or impatient, we like to think we are just experiencing as much of the world as we can.
We love nature and being eco-friendly, we recognize the impact we have on the Earth and we want to do something about it. We are interested in beautiful things and we appreciate them. In turn, we love photography and things like social media because they are pleasing to look at and we recognize the beauty in the world an in ourselves. This makes us seem narcissistic, which is true, but many of us don't see it that way. We prefer to describe ourselves with words like accepting, self-loving, confident, and open-minded. We are positive individuals always striving to see the world in a better light. We want to be understood that way.
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Recognizing the problems within our generation

We know we are lazy! We know we are self absorbed! We know we are technology obsessed!
Not all of us are included in the above descriptions but many are. I would also like to point out that any generalization can be made about a group of people. Its no wonder that we are addicted to technology... its cool! We have grown up with it! Just like any other technological advancement, people want to experience it for themselves. When TVs came out, radios, even cars, people were amazed and obsessed. The difference between my generation and the rest is a set of values. Many saw the radio as a means of safety and cross country communication, which it was. It times of war the radio was extremely useful to keep our country safe from physical threats and give us the knowledge to do so. My generation values feelings, social movements, human rights and world events more than the previous generations. Because you can not understand what it is that we value and why we value it, you cannot understand our compulsive use of social media and technology. We admit, we use things like instagram and twitter as entertainment and social tools, but they are so valuable for learning about other cultures and world events.
We see the world differently than you. We know how we come off, and we know that many of the negative attributes about our generation are true. But we want to be understood. We dare you to try and understand us.
Millennials: We Suck and We're Sorry
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The above photo shows statistics according to the percentage of each generation that uses various technologies.
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We value education

We love learning! We love new things! We may be impatient but it makes us quick to keep going and learn something new! We see the positive in everything and we have the highest percentage of college graduates than any other generation. We value education.

We recognize our flaws and we want to change them

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We just want to be understood

In the end, we know the positives and negatives about our generation but we want you to understand our values.
We value love, social connection, how others feel, solving world issues, confidence, beauty, art, education, entertainment, positivity, forward movement, the environment, time, life and ourselves. And we value your feedback, but we also value our own opinions. We have a high level of self worth which makes us a force to be reckoned with.