Storytelling Spooktacular!

An Evening of Spooky Tales at Central Public Library

Dare you attend?

  • Central Public Library will host a storytelling evening on October 27th, just a few days before Halloween. The event will take place from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm and will include fun crafts for children. Our guest storyteller will create an atmosphere of ominous foreboding and relate tales of terror to shock and delight! All children at least 10 years or older are invited! And of course, parents too.
  • Out go the lights! Candles and firelight (simulated) will be the only sources of comfort. Children are invited to come right up front to sit in our "campfire" area, if they are brave enough. Here, they can get a front row seat as our storyteller reveals relics from each tale, remnants of their unhappy owners which have survived to this very day.

Stories and crafts!

Sample stories from our program include:

  • "The Red Ribbon" - Why does the beautiful young Jenny never take off the red ribbon that she wears around her neck?
  • "The Tale of Gerald Fitzgerald" - What fate befalls those who are found wandering the lonely paths of the Irish countryside in the darkness?
  • "Ghost in the Steel Mill" - Do the screams and maniacal laughter in an old steel mill come from a man who fell to his death, right here in Pittsburgh?

Find out the answers by listening to each tale.

Craft your own scary streamer for Halloween! Materials for crafts will be provided to make either a ghost or pumpkin themed streamer.

We hope to see you soon......