QB 1

By, Mike Lupica


Jake Cullen is a Freshmen at Granger High in Texas. His father Troy played quarterback at Granger before going on to the NFL, and his brother Wyatt played at Granger and now is the starting quarterback for Texas as a Freshman in college. Everybody is talking about Jake wanting to see if the next Cullen boy will live up to the hype under the lights in Cullen stadium. (Named after his dad) Jake starts the season as a third string quarterback but stays after practice everyday with his quarterbacks coach to work on his throw. During the first game of the regular season Granger's starting quarterback tears his ACL and Jake gets his first playing time after the second string throws three picks. Jake and the Casey, (the second string) share time during games for most of the season, until the end when Jake pulls away from Casey and earns the starting job. During the game that is a must win to send Granger to the playoffs on the last play of the game Jake gets a concussion after scoring the go ahead touchdown, and is not able to play the next week. Luckily Casey guides the team to a victory which advances them to the state championship game. During the championship game Granger is down four with 45 seconds left. On fourth and 25 Jake comes up with a crazy idea that will get them the lead. He has Casey come in at QB and Jake lines up a wide receiver. They snap the ball and Jake runs his route, and he sees the ball flying in his direction. If you want to find out if Jake catches the pass and they win the championship game you have to read the book.

What did you enjoy about this book?

This was a very good book and I enjoyed many parts of it. The book really never had any dull moments, and although it was a little shorter book it still had plenty of really good details in it. I also enjoyed how I could relate to this book a little bit since I play football.

Which characters play an important role in the overall theme?

Jake -- he is the main character and is the main contributor to the theme of the book.

Troy Cullen -- he is an important in the theme of this book because he brings in some of the conflict that Jake has to go through.

Nate & Bear -- they are important to theme because they are always encouraging Jake and are always there for him, no matter what the circumstance is.

Was the book well written?

This book was very well written so it was very enjoyable to read. The author created just the right amount of suspense in the novel as well as some really good action. The author also had a really good storyline so that also contributed to why the book was so well written.

Would you recommend this book?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone especially if you like reading about football. Even if you don't like football it still is a really good book that is fun to read, and once you get started it's hard to put down.

Book Report By, Aaron Buller