Joshua T. Sumner

10 fun facts about Minotaur.

1. He was killed by Theseus.

2. He has the body of a human but the head of a bull.

3. He lived in the labyrinth.

4. He had an appetite for human flesh.

5. Minotaur means Mino's bull.

6. He lived in a maze created by Daedalus.

7. The reason he was killed was because they could not continue to make sacrifices.

8. He never learned to love.

9. He had a very strong body and sharp horns made for piercing.

10. He was killed on his first stab. (He was killed with a sword)

A picture of Minotaur:

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His mother was Queen Pasiphae.

His father was a bull.

I chose him because…

I chose him because I like the idea of having bull horns. I would enjoy being able to stomp my hooves. I would enjoy the flexibility in my spine if I was Minotaur. I also would enjoy to be able to talk to both bulls and humans. This represents me because I like animals.

My video about Minotaur:

Theseus And The Minotaur Ink Animation

He did not have a spouse or children.

Minotaur is a monster.

The Roman name for Minotaur is Minotaur.