Eternal Rest Funeral Home

We prepare, Because we care.

Cremation Services

We offer the very best cremation services for loved ones recently or long passed. We provide the urn or you can bring one that you have picked out at no extra charge for the service.

Burial Services

We offer the very best burial services all times of the year to ensure you get the closer you need when the time comes. We also provide a discounted rate if during the winter you want to wait for the summer months for the burial.

Funeral home - Celebration of life center

Are you looking for a funeral home center that doesn't have all the religious attachments of the others? Maybe you are just looking for an area to have loved ones get together without some feeling uncomfortable. Look no further!

Burial Types

We offer quite a few different burial services

  • Cremation
  • In Ground
  • Above Ground

We offer many types of services whether it is a mausoleum plot for the whole family or in ground burial plots all near each other. We offer discounted prices for bulk buys.