Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary

"To Engage, Inspire and Educate..."

Message from Principal Hernandez/ Mesaje departe de la directora Hernandez

Thank you parents for being partners with our school. We at Bethune truly appreciate and value your commitment and partnership with our school. Your dedication and involvement had a great impact on our student achievement this past semester. Our ACP test scores were reflective of the hard work of our teachers, students and parents. Thank you! As we move into the Spring semester, we must continue to work together to ensure the success of all students. Please ensure students are coming to school everyday and on time. Attendance is a critical component of student achievement. Also, communication with your child's teacher about their progress is very important. Together we can "engage, inspire and educate" every child at Bethune Elementary!

Important Testing Dates/ Fechas Importantes de Examenes

March/marzo 29-30
  • STAAR Testing for 4th grade students (Writing) and 5th grade students (Reading/Math)
  • Examenes de STAAR para estudiantes de 4do (Escritura) y 5do (Lectura/Matematicas)

April/abril 18-22

  • ITBS/Logramos Testing for K-2 students
  • Examenes de ITBS/Logramos para estudiantes de K-2

May/mayo 9-10

  • STAAR Testing for 3rd-4th grade students (Reading/Math) and 5th grade students (Science)
  • Examenes de STAAR para estudiantes de 3ro-4do (Lectura/Matematicas) y 5do (Ciencias)

May/mayo 18-26

  • ACP Testing for K-5 grade students
  • Examenes de ACP para estudiantes de K-5

Reminders for Parents

  • Students arriving after 8:00 am are considered tardy/ Estudiantes que llegen despues de las 8:00 am se consideran tarde
  • Parking is allowable on the yellow lane in front of the school and on Duncanville Rd/ Estacionamiendo es permetido en las lineas amarillas y en la calle Duncanville Rd
  • Students are not allowed to leave early after 2:30 pm for dismissal reasons/ Estudiantes no se permiten irse temprano despues de las 2:30 pm por razones de despido