Third Grade Super Kids

September 16, 2013

Room W17 Happenings

Math: We are on chapter 4 in math this week - reviewing subtraction concepts. The chapter test will be at the beginning of next week.

Spelling: We are now doing pre-tests on Monday for spelling. If a student passes the pre-test, they will receive a challenge spelling list. All students take a spelling test on Friday...either on the regular words or the challenge words. Please have your student use spelling city to practice spelling. It can be easily accessed on our class website.

Writing: We published our first writing project and have started work on our personal narratives. Last week we were in the pre-writing stage of the writing process and were generating ideas for our personal narratives. This week will be begin drafting our personal narratives.

Social Studies: We will begin a unit on government this week for social studies. We are planning a trip the Sacramento Capitol to celebrate the end of our unit in October. Be on the lookout for more information about our first field trip in the next few weeks.


I have added IXL to the weekly homework packets. IXL may be done in place of the math worksheets that are in the packet. I have noted on the packet what math skills to work on when doing IXL. Your student may work on those skills at the third grade level or the fourth grade level. If you are unsure what grade level your child should be working on in IXL, please contact me.