Goat milk times

A Newspaper in Summer

Weather report

Hey UGA BUGA here with the weather it is

literally 120 degrees it´s horrible the water is almost evaporating from the

heat i think this cow is dead no he is just a hobo the hobo is ok.

The heat is evaporating sumer’s water supply we are running out of water it is half gone. We need a roof over the water supply call boab the builder,

Wait the sunshine and heat is burning the crops we won’t have any food.

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Hey BOLLY MAYS here with a brand new invention it is called

the wheeled cart X with brand new metal technology it can carry

up to 500 pounds and it has 3 times more durable wheels

just find it at your local merchant.

With more safety for your supplies.

Ten times more durable wood.

With Carpentry you have never seen before.

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Personal Interview

Hi i am Kirmret i am going to give you a personal interview with founder of the Goat Milk Time Goat Boat, hello Mr. Goat what inspired you to make the Goat milk times, well when i was i boy every day after school i would come home from school and read the newspaper so 8 years later my father gave me a loan of building supplies to make my own factory then i did my first interview with Jaka Uga, Mr Goat do you have a family,Yes i do

i have i wife her name is Naha and two sons called kit and kat,Mr goat what is your job, well my job now is a carpenter for a house building business,

Mr. Goat what skills do you need for your job , well i need to have strength smarts and skill for lifting wood, architecture and i lot of bandages, Mr. Goat how old are you, well i am 42 years old,Mr goat what do you do in your spare time,well i spend time with my family when ever i have the time, that’s all folks a legendary interview with Goat Boat.

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