Mrs. Moldovan's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Moldovan's Third Grade Class

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Mrs. Moldovan

by Adisree

Mrs. Moldovan is an expert with maps. She is really smart and helps others when they are stuck. Mrs. Moldovan is very wise, and she has been teaching for many years. She has a daughter named Maggie and a little granddaughter named Wednesday. Mrs. Moldovan is married to Mr. Moldovan. Her favorite thing to do is teach.

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by Riya

We have 2 co-teachers. We have Mrs.Aragon and Mrs. Weisgerber. They both are very nice. Whenever Mrs. Moldovan is sick, Mrs. Weisgerber becomes the teacher and plans something fun for us. Mrs. Aragon helps us too. She also comes to the 3-grade recess party.

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by Evan

We learn about math. Right now, we are doing a unit called "windcatchers''. It's basically fractions, and we measure papers.

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by Claire & Jordan

In reading on Seesaw, we have a reading log. That helps us read for 30 minutes. It makes us make different responses every weekday. So we don't have to do it every day. In reading, we have been learning about weather. I have been learning about rainbows.

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by Riya, Claire, Jordyn, Jose

We are writing about the weather in science. We have been writing about tornadoes, tsunamis, and rainbows. We have learned about writing in sections and using quotation marks.

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Learning about the Weather

by Yazid & Fernando

People should know that tornadoes are formed by funnel clouds. The wind goes around very fast. They can be big or very small. As the little tornado gets the stuff in it, it gets bigger and bigger.

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Social Studies

by Angel

We learned about Black history month. We learned that they were slaves because of their skin color a long time ago. We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. He started protests because things were unequal between people.

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by Riya and Prantik

It is really fun with Mrs. Moldovan. On Fridays, we have a choice board with options we can do. The options are fun. She gives us this time so we can get together and have fun. She also lets us play Kahoot, which is fun. At math, sometimes she lets us play a math game. We also have fun Mystery Science videos.

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Fun Events

by By Riya

We have lots of special events. We had spring break. On spring break Mrs. Moldovan had sent fun activities to do over that week. We also had winter break. Before winter break started, Mrs. Moldovan had sent fun activities we could do. Some things were coloring, art, and a read-aloud.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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