The cold pole

Verknoyankq , Russia


The cold pole is a small village located in the north-eastern Russian Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). It is commonly considered the coldest populated place on Earth. Situated in the heart of Siberia an area nicknamed "Stalin's Death Ring" .


It is extremely cold in Verknoyansq, well odvously its one of the 7 coldest place to live on earth, but there are lots of trees and there are a few mountains, the plane crashed in Europe


There is a Polar climate and the average tempature is -50.4' F

How to survive

1.) You need to create a shelter

2.) You need to some sort of heat

3.) You need to find your own food

4.) stay away from Siberian tigers

Animals you will see

1.) Siberian tigers

2.)Amur leopard

3.)Polar bears

These animals are not likely your food source unless you are lucky enough to kill one, but not very likely, these animals are very dangerous and can kill you.

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