Still I Rise

By Maya Angelou


Angelou does not let others dictate how she behaves. She wants to stay strong and power through other hate. Maya knows that she will will prevail through all conditions.


Maya Angelou is letting all of the people know that if they continue to put her down she will rise. Angelou does not care about what others think of her, she knows that she can do what she puts her mind to. She aspires to riches beyond her dreams such as the oil wheels, gold mines and diamonds


Still I Rise is a lyric poem, that describes Angelou's rise over oppression. The poem consist of seven stanzas with four lines each and one stanza with fifteen lines. The sentences are simple mainly metaphors and similes. There are fifteen Angelou ask questions to the Caucasian male that question her beauty and confidence. The poem flows smoothly, filled with sentences and questions. Still I Rise uses a prideful yet assertive tone.


Still I Rise is a powerful poem with an important message. Angelou uses simple words to get her point across. This poem was inspired by the oppression that Angelou faced. The author is very assertive with her words being clear and straight to the point. The is a repetition of the phrase "I'll rise" explains how important it is to Angelou to rise above the hate. In line three and twenty-eight a simile is used as the author claims she will rise like dust and air. Stanza three is a metaphor, Angelou compares things in nature rising to her rising above the ignorance. Imagery is found in line twenty-seven as Angelou calls herself a black ocean.

Musical Devices

The poem has a regular rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme is ABCB. In the poem the end syllable has a stress. A constant repetition of the phrase "Still I rise".