Polygenic Inheritance

Skin color

How does this relate to inheritance?

Your skin color is determined by two or more genes from your parents.

It is Polygenic because it's a phenotype that has variations of many degrees because it's controlled by 2 or more genes.

Example: People within the same race have different skin tones.

Extension of Mendel's Law

You're not either light or dark toned, you can be anywhere in between. It follows his laws but is an extension because dominance can vary.

Careers & Health!

Medical Geneticist- Trained for patience with genetically linked diseases. This can be helpful in the skin genetics because you can get skin cancer which can have different pigment traits on your skin. Or your body could not produce melanin but if it produces too much than it can become cancerous

This interests us because it shows why some people are pale and some are tan.