jackson " hero " or " zero "



During the war Jackson led his army against the native american's and the British army. Jackson and his army crushed the natives and the British army , showing how powerful the us army can be . Jackson used his cleverness to help . After the battle was over he was known as a war hero .


its a good thing that Jackson killed the national bank . The national bank only favored the rich and high class people , instead of the middle class and poor . By closing the national bank jackson opened up state banks which let the poor get their money .


Jackson removed the Indians and gave more land to the untied states . Removing them gave more opportunities . It let us expand and become the great nation that we are . It helped our agriculture and boost our economy .

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency

King Jackson

The cartoon is showing that jackson abuse his power just like a king would do . hes stepping on the constitution and he isnt caring about it . It also shows that he has a scroll that has a veto on it , which shows that he abused . He was the president that used the veto power the most .