Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Lane Buffkin, Jason Martin

Description of Energy:

Hydrogen and oxygen combine in these cells and produce electricity. Also they only produce water as a by-product!

Brief History

  • Fuel cells have been apart of science for 100 plus years.
  • The first fuel cell was invented by William Robert Grove.
  • In the 1960's NASA used fuel cells for a space mission.
  • In 2007 Fuel cells started to be sold commercially.


Environmental Impact

  • More safe form of energy.
  • Doesn't produce much pollution.
  • Doesn't leak many toxins when used in cars.
  • Safe alternative for cars to use.

Major uses

  • Backup energy sources to hospitals and wilderness locations.
  • Powers cell phones, laptops, and military appliances for long periods or time.
  • Powers automobiles.
  • Propels space shuttles.

Why should you use hydrogen fuel cells?

  1. It is a very promising energy carrier.
  2. It is a low pollution fuel.
  3. Better way to heat your home.
  4. Allows power generation in places difficult to use electricity.
  5. Can be used as a more environmental friendly alternative to gas in our cars.

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