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by Aksel


Veronica Roth
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Title: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Reviewer: Aksel Sjogren

This book here is one of the best non-classic literature novels i have ever read. While it may fall just short of the merit required to be known as a classic because of its high action to story ratio, that is the reason why this book is so special to me. There is plenty of fighting, internal conflict, and fantastic storytelling and atmosphere, creating a blend that can't be beat in my opinion.

At first when i picked up the book, i was skeptical. I was only reading it because of recommendations from friends, but the building tension and nonstop action kept me hooked, all the way from the initiation, to the dauntless simulation.

This was a book that i definitely did not regret reading, and I'm glad that i have the rest of the series to enjoy even more.

DIVERGENT - Final Theatrical Trailer - Official [HD] - 2014