Mrs. Carroll's Class News

Feb. 1-5, 2016

Class News and Notes

The Kindergarten Special Friends and Family Luncheon is Wednesday, Feb. 3. Our lunch time on that day will be 11:20-11:50. Guests may meet our class at the lunchroom entrance. Ice cream is usually sold during that time. The children love to have a guests on that day.

Our class Valentine's Day Party will be Friday, Feb. 12. The children will exchange Valentines that day. A class list is on my eClass page. Please have your child complete their cards at home and then bring them to class by Thursday. Thank you!

Conferences will be February 24 and 25. You may sign up for a conference online through the PTCfast website beginning Feb.1.

Academic UpDates

Academic Updates

Language Arts:

Describe the relationship between illustrations and the text in which they appear.

Ask and answer questions about unknown words in a text, with prompting and support.

Writing: Opinion Writing

Math: Measurement

Science- Night and Day, Sun and Shadows

Social Studies: Presidents Day

Special Schedule











Day 1 - Science Day 2- PE Day 3- Art

Day 4- STEAM Day 5- Math Day 6- Music


Homework is on eClass this week. Go to the Weekly Homework tab in the Table of Contents. Homework for the week is listed there.

Class Needs

Materials for Groundhog Day snack

a box of vanilla wafers

a bag of mini-marshmallows

If you would like to provide unfrosted cupcakes (yellow or chocolate) for the class, please let me know. We will be making groundhog cupcakes for Groundhog day, Feb. 2.


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February Events

Feb. 3- Special Friends and Family Lunch

Feb. 15- Student Holiday/ Teacher and Staff Development

February 24 and 25 Parent- Teacher Conferences/ Early Release