Jacob Anthony Ramirez

Why spike lee should not do the movie Chiraq

Chief Keef Thoughts

Well Chief Keef has three main thoughts on the movie. First he thinks that spike lee could had made the movie anywhere else but he comes to Chiraq, he was even more mad when nick cannon was the starting actor because chief keef feels like nick cannon is not savage enough. His final thought is that he doesn't feel like spike lee is making chiraq look like how it's supposed to be.
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What most Chicago rappers feel about The movie Chiraq

Most rappers that come from chiraq feel like if the movie is about chiraq then make it realist and a chiraq culture. The most big thing is that they feel like nick cannon is complete opposite to the chiraq culture. "Today (December 16), Chance offered his rebuttal Chicago hip-hop radio station 107.5 WCGI: “”I mean, Spike Lee is saying that ’cause he’s promoting a movie. He’s trying to make more money,” the Chicago native said. “He got his little 15 million from Amazon and his other little bread from Lionsgate and made a movie that was not about Chicago but, you know what I’m saying, manipulated and used Chicago actors and Chicago scenery to push this movie.” This saying by spike lee got chicagos rappers mad and i would agree with the chicago rapper why make a movie with the name chiraq but it not be about chiraq. He basically used the name to make money.

spike lee response

The only information i found about spike lee responding to the Chicago rappers is that he just trying to make money. also that he sorry for making the chiraq rappers.

My thoughts

I feel like the chiraq rappers have a point. spike lee shouldn't have named it chiraq, he could have named itanything else. he could have made money off another town or city. so i feel like the chiraq rappers have a very good point.
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Fredo santana

fredo tweeted that most rappers or people in chiraq have dreads and the movie trailer dose not have one person with dreads. how you going to have a movie about chiraq and not one person have dreads. they think that is some messed up stuff.