Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten News

November 13,2015

A Peek at the past week:

This past week we were busy preparing for our thanksgiving feast. The students did a great job memorizing the thanksgiving feast songs. I hope you enjoyed listening to them. I was very proud of the way they all spoke up for their part. We also learned about Veterans Day. The students enjoyed learning about all the branches of our military and hearing about the important ways that they serve our country.

In reading the students worked on learning the short u sound and making words with short u.

The math focus was on learning about dimes. The students have also started to count by tens to 100. Ask them to count by tens at home.

Keep on reading for AR! Many students are approaching their goal!

A look ahead...

Next week we will be learning about the first thanksgiving with the pilgrims and the Native Americans. The students will look at native american symbols, and learn about how hard the crossing was on the Mayflower.

We will continue to work on patterning in math. The students will be introduced to many patterns and have the chance to work on their own patterns with many different materials.

In reading we will continue our work with word families and blending sounds. Thanks for all the reading at home! Practice the sight word readers with the students at home.

Thank you for the food donations to the Real life Center Food Pantry!

Reminder of our new schedule of specials:

Monday: PE

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: PE

Friday: Art