Kinder News

Week of January 21-25 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a blessed and restful Christmas holiday! It was great to be back, I sure did miss my kiddos. Since it is a new year, we have some new changes. We have a new schedule and will no longer be having naps. Please make sure your child is getting plenty of rest. We will begin picking up the pace in order to make sure we are properly prepared for first grade. Our lunch and my conference time has changed, please be sure and refer to the schedule I sent home. Looking forward to a fabulous 2013!!

What are we Learning this week?

English/Language Arts~Letter Rr

Sight Words~do like

Math~Basic Subtraction & Graphing


Social Studies~Being a Good Citizen

Sight Word List

Please practice daily!

a, red, I, see, my, yellow, blue, the, go, to, and, green, can, orange, you, black, am, white, on, look, is, purple, at, gray, brown, me, pink, this, zero, we, one, he, she, in, two, do, like

A few Reminders....

1. PLEASE make sure you child is getting enough sleep every night. We are having a hard time making it through the day and getting all assignments completed.

2. Please leave green folders in backpacks. Students have a daily independent reading time to read AR books. Students will only be able to take AR tests on Wednesdays during our library time.

3. If your child is not feeling well, please do NOT send them to school.

Thank you for your understanding!

App of the Week

Every week I will be featuring an app for your iPad or iPod to help reinforce concepts taught in class. These particular apps are apps we use on our classroom iPad's.

Spelling Bug helps kids learn to spell the most needed words as they play. Application presents each word by displaying a picture and pronounces the word and presents the letters that are needed to make the word. Kids use there hand to arrange the letters in the right order to make the word. Using this not only your kid will learn to spell the common words, he/she will also learn how to say them.