Is the world getting warmer ?

By Leenayhsia Pabon

whats the problem .

Its getting warmer and warmer the Arctic sea ice gets less every year and the great frozen continent of Antarctica is losing ice too the water itself will take up more space simply because it is warmer. That will make it overflow even more onto the land.

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Reason why .

Mercer pointed out the unusual topography of the ice sheet sitting over the western part of Antarctica. Much of it is below sea level, in a sort of bowl, and he said that a climatic warming could cause the whole thing to degrade rapidly on a geologic time scale, leading to a possible rise in sea level of 16 feet.
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Whats happening ?

the warmest on record for both land-only and ocean-only surface temperatures. The warmest worldwide land-only surface-air temperature was recorded in 2007, with a temperature anomaly of +0.95°C. The warmest worldwide ocean-only surface temperature was measured in 2003, with an anomaly of +0.4°C.
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what could help or give a idea about what could happen .

This changing composition of the atmosphere is causing the global average temperature to rise, which, in turn, exerts a significant influence on the hydrological cycle and leads to other changes in climate and weather patterns
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