Is depression affecting you?

30.5% of college students feel like it is

Depression at ASU

  • Have you been feeling down lately?
  • 75.2% of students reported being quite sad on ASU campus
  • Are you one of the students suffering from more than sadness?
  • 30.5% of students were so depressed they felt it was difficult to even function at least one time throughout the year
  • Do you know the actual symptoms of depression?
  • Depression is defined as feeling fatigued without reason, disconnected from the world, loss of interests, feelings of hopelessness, and change in appetite
  • What causes depression?
  • The leading cause to depression is stress and anxiety.
  • Is college the largest stress in your life?
  • On average, college students are dealing with several other things like relationships, jobs, money issues, friendships, family troubles, and etc. along with the workload of being a full time student.
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Have you tried to fight depression?

ASU offers one solid thing for fighting depression

  • Counceling

Is that enough in your opinion for all students attending ASU? Do you have time for that? Or money? Do you think everyone who is fighting depression does?

Here at Arizona State, we need more ways to fight depression besides counseling. Hopefully with the new seminar passed this year by the board of education, students like YOU will feel more capable of expressing what you need from ASU to make YOUR life less stressful as well as your fellow students! Do not be scared or insecure about your sadness! ASU accepts everyone for who they are, even if you simply come for curiosity!

Let ASU know today that you support the idea of the semi-annual Mental Health Seminar here on campus and attend the opportunity to help positively impact ASU! Use the contact info below for more information on ASU students beating depression and the new semi-annual seminar held in September and February! ITS EVEN FREE!