Mrs. King & Mrs. Young's Newsletter

January 16th

Math and Science - Mrs. King


- Adding and subtracting fractions with mixed numbers - (regrouping and borrowing a whole)

- Quiz Thursday - ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. (will be Friday if no school tomorrow)


- Review fourth grade material on ecosystems. (Habitats, niche, food chain/web, adaptations)

- Conduct and experiment to review scientific investigations

Reading & Virginia Studies - Mrs. Young

Mid year PALS and formal writing assessment

*No spelling this week

*Homework- Read 20 minutes each night

Virginia Studies- VS 2

There is a a project for VS 2. I handed the paper out today. This will be due on Feb. 14th. Students should start working on their project soon, as they will also have folder pages and an alpha sort due around the same time.

Folder pages due 2/8

Alpha sort due 2/9

VS 2 test 2/13

Project due 2/14

From the PKVES Office

In updating the RCPS 5-Year Technology Plan, RCPS wants to get input from all of our stakeholders as we begin that process. Speak Up is a research tool districts use to learn what students, educators, parents, and the community has to say about education issues. Click on the link below to learn more and to participate in the survey. The survey should be completed by January 19, 2018.

Yearbook Sales: January 16th - January 29th

If you did not purchase a yearbook in August on “fee day,” your child will be bringing home a yearbook order form. Until January 29th, the cost of a yearbook is $14. If there are extra yearbooks at the end of the school year, the cost will be $18.

Important Dates

Jan 19 - Family life

Jan 25 - Report Cards Issued

Feb /01 - Early Release for Students @ 1:00 pm

Parent / Teacher Conference Day

PTA Spaghetti Dinner @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Feb 02 - No School for Students