Ed Tech Camp 2014

An "unconference" for ISD teachers to share ideas!


The jist...

What you will learn.
This workshop is based on a framework of Discovery, Discussion, and Demonstration. The focus is helping students use technology to discover and discuss, and on demonstrating knowledge by creating new digital content including podcasts, videos, and other multimedia productions. Possibilities are below:

  • Teaching students how to search effectively.
  • Going beyond Google.
  • Collaborative research.
  • The role of social networks in education.
  • Backchannels and informal assessment tools.
  • Collaborative writing and publishing with Google Drive and other collaborative tools.
  • Building blogs and websites.
  • Teaching digital citizenship
  • Copyright, Creative Commons, and Fair Use
  • Podcasting and audio editing.
  • Video production with free web tools.
  • Creating multimedia ebooks.
  • Maps as stories.
  • Sharing your work.


July 22nd Ed Tech Camp for Elementary Teachers Chrisman Library

July 23rd Ed Tech Camp for Secondary Teachers Chrisman Library

July 24th Optional Ed Tech Camp Further Exploration (all levels) Chrisman Library