May 2021

Welcome to the Oconee County Schools CTAE Newsletter!

Wonderful things are going on in all of our CTAE programs. I hope you enjoy all of the pictures and articles you find below!

Beth Parks

Oconee County Schools

Director of CTAE

Future Educator's Signing Day

Georgia Future Educator's Signing Day is held annually to recognize students who are planning to pursue a career in education. This event is supported by the State School Superintendent's Office, Division of Career and Technical Education (CTAE), Georgia Early Childhood Education Foundation (GECEF), and Georgia's colleges and universities.

OCHS had a total of 12 students from the graduating class of 2021 who have committed to pursuing a career in the field of education. NOHS had a total of 14 students from the class of 2021 who participated in the signing day event and are committing to pursuing a career in education! We are so proud of these students for successful completing their high school careers and choosing a career path for their future! We know that each and every one of these students will have the opportunity to make a major impact on the lives of others!

Youth Apprenticeship Success Story!

Jonathan Oloya graduated from Oconee County High School in 2016 as a Work-Based Learning Youth Apprenticeship student. Jonathan was an Information Technology pathway student and worked with the Oconee County Schools Technology Department as the Technology Support Technician for his WBL apprenticeship position. Jonathan graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. As of September 1, 2020, he obtained employment with the Warner Robins Air Force Base as a Computer Scientist. This position applies software engineering principles to the development of software systems. Upon reflection, Jonathan noted his CTAE and WBL courses... “gave me exposure to the job process from the application all the way to the actual job. The constant checkpoints and goal-setting allowed me to build a more realistic view of the workplace as well as keep me focused on my career goals.” Jonathan would like to tell future graduates to be prepared to fail, but also be prepared to try again!

NOHS Engineering Earns Industry Certification

On Tuesday, March 2nd the Engineering program at North Oconee High School became Industry Certified through the standards set by the GaDOE, endorsed by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) and coordinated through the University of Georgia. Industry Certification is a process in which programs must demonstrate that they meet standards related to areas such as teacher certification, professional learning, curriculum, CTSO involvement, equipment and facilities, etc. The strenuous process culminates with a final visit in which all documentation and facilities are reviewed for compliance. Programs that meet the requirements are recognized as Industry Certified. We commend Mr. Clay McElheny and Mr. Matthew Frederiksen on completing Industry Certification and appreciate all they do to prepare our students for their post-secondary endeavors!
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OC FFA Sweeps Poultry Evaluations

Oconee County High School FFA and Oconee County Middle School FFA both won first place in the state Poultry Evaluation contest! Additionally, Lexi Pritchard, from OCHS, was the #1 placing individual in the competition!


Neetyaa Patel

Jenny Hu

Charlotte Ransom

John Ellis Linder


Lexi Pritchard

Annie McCarley

Emma Champer

Brenna Pursley

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OCHS Animal Science Students Learn about Georgia Livestock Industries

During the months of March and April, students in Animal Science & Biotechnology and Agricultural Animal Production at OCHS have learned about the Poultry and Cattle industry. Students have learned topics related to growth, development, reproduction, processing, and proper herd management in regards to chicken and beef cattle production. Over the course of the poultry science unit, students incubated a dozen exotic chicken eggs over their 21 day incubation period. On March 23, the mature and healthy eggs produced four exotic chicks with breeds anywhere from silkies to cochins. Chicks are hatched twice a semester and serve as a way for students to complete their Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs. Students also learned about egg anatomy with a dissection lab and practiced cutting carcasses to retail cuts of meat.

While reviewing the cattle industry (both beef and dairy), students learned about artificial insemination and why it is important in the livestock industry. Students were offered the opportunity to cervical palpate one of our show heifers in preparation for artificial insemination in the coming weeks. Volunteers were walked through the process by their teachers and were all able to locate the cervix of the animal. Near the end of the dairy unit, students participated in a component of a Career Development Event, Milk Quality and Products, with cheese identification. Students learned about milk production and lactation, as well as milk harvesting in the days leading up to the lab. Eleven cheese varieties were given to students and they were expected to evaluate each sample based on aroma, appearance, texture, flavor, and taste before trying to determine what type of cheese they were eating.

2 FBLA Students Place in Top 3 in State Competitions

North Oconee HS and Oconee County HS FBLA students participated in State Competitions during the month of March. The FBLA State Leadership Conference was held virtually and winners were announced from all different state-level competitions.

Oconee is proud to have two students to place in the Top 3 for their competition, earning each the opportunity to advance to the National level! The National Leadership Conference will be held virtually June 29-July 2.

OCHS student, Victor H. placed 2nd in Business Calculations and NOHS student, Ben S. placed 3rd in Business Calculations!

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MBMS FBLA State Conference

Eleven FBLA members from Malcom Bridge Middle School competed in the Middle Level FBLA state competitive events and attended the FBLA Virtual Middle Level Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Leadership Conference on March 5th. A big congratulations to the following students who placed in the top 10 in their event:

Business Concepts

Samuel Im - 9th Place

Yu Zhou - 10th Place

Critical Thinking

Team of Deeya Mepani, Bochen Shen, and Coleman Pearson - 3rd Place

Employability Skills

Deeya Mepani – 2nd Place

FBLA Concepts

Kian Visitacion - 5th Place

Introduction to Computer Science and Coding

Sam Seward – 5th Place

Coleman Pearson - 6th Place

Marketing Concepts

Samuel Im - 10th Place

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OCHS HOSA Competes in State!

Students from the Oconee County High School participated in HOSA State Competitions during the month of March. The awards ceremony was held virtually as part of the HOSA State Leadership Conference. Congratulations to the following OCHS students:

3rd Place Veterinary Science
Riley Colquitt

4th Place Public Service Announcement

Maddie Hammond, Samantha Freeman, Baylee Lowe, Lindsey Parrish, Carlyn Talkington

Health Issues Exam

Rylee Tyner

NOHS HOSA has a great year!

Despite many obstacles, the HOSA chapter at NOHS had a great school year! Students participated in virtual leadership conferences and competitions, as well as local activities.

NOHS was well represented in HOSA Regional Competitions with six students earning a 1st place finish, six students earning a 2nd place finish, two students earning a 3rd place finish, and three students earning a 4th place finish.

The HOSA students also competed in the State Competitions and did a great job representing their school! NOHS HOSA had the following students place it the top 10 at the HOSA State Leadership Conference

5th Place Biomedical Debate

Lena Cai

Isa David

Joshua Waskiewicz

8th Place Research Poster

LIndsay Bui

Tallula S. won the state competition for the GA HOSA 2021 State Pin! This pin will be traded with other states and countries at HOSA's International Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL this summer.

NOHS Health Education HOSA Project

Hannah Kate Cass, Carysn Bassett and Grace Mason visited Mr. Ventura’s CTAE Careers classes at Malcom Bridge Middle School as part of their Health Education HOSA project.

Carysn Bassett describes her team’s Health Education event: “During our HOSA project we had the opportunity to teach the process and importance of CPR to students at Malcom Bridge Middle. After we presented the steps of CPR to the seventh and eighth graders, we broke out

into groups and allowed the students to display what they learned during our presentation on the manikins. Ultimately this project was successful because the students learned something that can help save lives in the future and they had a fun, hands-on experience.”

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OCHS FCCLA is Successful in State Competitions!

FCCLA students from Oconee County High School participated in State Competitions in March. During the Virtual State Leadership Conference, OCHS was excited to learn they earned Gold recognition in 4 events!

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Level 3 - 1st Place Finish

Annalise Hale & Kensley McConnell

Promote & Publicize FCCLA! Level 3 - 1st Place Finish

Chloe Graham, Julianna Hayunga, & Ashley Langford

Repurpose & Redesign Level 3

Sadie Campbell, Hannah Rowe, & Isabel Saunders

Sports Nutrition Level 3

Anna Kate Bell & Vivian Sekandi

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TSA State Competitions

Students from both NOHS and OCHS competed in TSA State Competitions on March 20th and the virtual State Conference which was held on April 16th. We are proud of the success of all of our competitors!

OCHS Finalists

Paige Hackleman - Computer Integrated Manufacturing

NOHS Finalists

Melisa Zhang - Essays on Technology

Fletcher Johnson - Videos on Demand

Julian Silva - Videos on Demand

Emma Warren - Videos on Demand

Krish Patel - Videos on Demand

Fiona Waller - Videos on Demand

Ben Stevens - Videos on Demand