Come To the Colonies

By Ryan Murray

A New Life

Come to the vast and incredible Colonies where you can start a new life and anything can happen! It will be an adventure you will never forget! All of the colonies border the Atlantic Ocean so you can swim whenever you please! Also you can live in the dense forests if the ocean isn't really your thing. Their are so many different religions to choose from!

New England News

If you want to live in a place where Forests stand tall and wide, the weather is usually mild, and you can climb mountains whenever you want. Then the New England colony welcomes you to all the amazing culture such as, the importance if school, churches, and more freedom of slaves in our colony. Our colony has many natural resources including

  • timber
  • fish
  • wax
and many other resources. Also the most important jobs our colony provides are
  • merchants
  • teachers
  • boat makers
  • lumberjacks
  • fishers
  • preachers
  • farmers
  • anglers
Our colony is very comforting and welcoming to all that have come and shall come. The most known settlements in the New England colony are the Massachusetts Bay, Providence, and Connecticut. These settlements are a great place to live and have made many people happy and provided a good home. Our colony is very comforting and welcoming to all that have come and shall come.

The Peaceful Middle Colony

The Middle colony is a wonderful place to live because of the warm weather, rich soil, and accepting of many religions and cultures. Also most of the people that live here are Quakers (peaceful people) and our colony welcomes freedom and gets along well with Native Americans. The jobs this colony provides are mainly
  • farmers
  • minors
  • merchants
  • sailors
  • dockworkers
  • preachers
Also the Middle colony has land that provides
  • wheat
  • minerals such as iron
  • timber
  • animals
This colony includes well known settlements such as New Netherlands, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The Middle colony is such an amazing place to live and anybody from anywhere can come. Also you never have to be scared or worried that you are going to become a slave because they agree that slaves should be free. So if you like places where mostly everything is equal, the Middle colony is the place for you.

The Super Southern Colony

The Southern Colony is a great place to come if you like rich soil, warm weather, (the warmest weather of all the colonies) and people of all color and size to be able to go outside whenever and wherever. It is a good place to live and has great settlements including
  • Maryland which only allowed Catholics and was owned by a king
  • South and North Carolina
  • Georgia which welcomes Native Americans such as Tome-chichi
It has mixed culture such as mixed song, dance, and many other activities. The jobs in this colony include
  • farmers
  • barterers
  • builders
  • lumberjacks
  • Military
The main important goods and natural resources this colony provides are tobacco and rice. This culture is a very special place to live and make a family.