The Princess Bride


What is it about?

The Princess Bride is a beautiful love story. Yet, it isn't any old fairy tale. Usually in fairy tales, there's a gorgeous princess, and a quite handsome prince. They fall in love. There's a twist, and once the two get through it they live happliy ever after. But not The Princess Bride. In TPB, The main female role, Buttercup, doesn't live in a castle. Not a princess. Just a girl living in Florin. Buttercup's family has a farm boy, named Westley, take care of their crops and animals. (Even though Westley's name is Westley, Buttercup and her parents just reffer to him as farm boy.) Westley and Buttercup never stopped to have a conversation, Buttercup usually just asked Westley for a favor and all he'd ever answer was, "as you wish." Yet the two managed to fall in love with each other. Because every time Buttercup heard Westley say as you wish, he had been saying I love you. But once Westley leaves Florin to seek his fortune so the two can marry, Buttercup recieves the news of Westley's "death." Then shortly after, the prince of Florin, Prince Humperdink, forces marriage apon the two. Buttercup agrees, avoiding death. But a while before the wedding, Buttercup gets kidnapped by three strange men. The sicillian criminal genius Vizzini, the Spanish fencing master Inigo Montoya, and the enormous and mighty turkish wrestler Fezzik. Then there's a strange man in black that is following the four, and his mission is to save Buttercup. But none of the four know that, and none of them know who the mysterious man in black is. Later on, it turns out the man in black is just Westley, who managed to rescue his true love. Even though he rescued her, it didn't last too long because Prince Humperdink managed to find the two lovers, and had Westley sent to the Zoo of Death. But once Inigo and Fezzik find Westley to try to help him stop the wedding, it's already the wedding day, and Westley is almost dead. So Inigo and Fezzik take Westley to Miracle Max, and cure him in time to not stop the wdding, but capture the Prince and save Buttercup from all time devestaion. THEN they live happily ever after.


Blurred lines between good and evil.

- In The Princess Bride an example of this could be Inigo and Fezzik. Beause in the beginnin of the book they seem like rude and scary kidnappers, while you get deeper into the book, you'll realize they aren't so bad, and have a lot of good inside of them. When the volleyball comes over the net, it could be short, deep, or an ace.

Perception vs. reality.

- In TPB, an example of this concept could be whenever the count and countess arrived at Buttercup's home, and Buttercup thought Westley had been staring and flirting with the countess. Buttercup was jealous, but she wouldn't admit it. Whenever Westley explained to Buttercup that he had no feelings for the countess, and only loves Buttercup, it calmed her down, and made her realize she loved him and over reacted. In a game, you never know if you're playing better players, or players that aren't as skilled as some others when it comes to volleyball.

Purposes of satire.

- An example of this from the book could be the prince and princess, which in this case is Buttercup and Westley. Usually you'd expect the prince and princess to be people like prince charming and a gorgeoud princess that everyone loves. While in TPB, Buttercup and Westley have no qualities of being royalty. A lot of times, your coaches will yell at you, for things they can't even do themselves.


Self awareness, awareness of others.

- In The Princess Bride this capacity plays a big role. In the beginning of the book Buttercup didn't care what anyone thought about her or what anyone said. But towards the part where Westley and her fall in love, she tries to change her rude look and attitude. She's still the same old Buttercup, but when Westley sort of helped change Buttercup she starts being kinder and more respectful towards people. In volleyball, you must be aware of what you and your team must do to succeed.


- Characters in The Princess Bride always use communication, it's apart of practically any human being's every day life. If Inigo and Fezzik didn't communicate with miracle Max, they would have never convinced him to perform a miracle on Westley. (Which brought him back to life.) If you don't communicate to your team, it will slow down and confuse you and your team.

Problem solving.

- In The Princess Bride Westley prepared himself for the different types of tortures by rolling his eyes back and thinking of Buttercup to soothe him. When you're problem solving in volleyball, it helps you get your head in the game so you can succeed and try you're hardest.