Curtis 4th Grade Newsletter

February 22 - February 26

Important Dates

February 22-Picture Day

February 22-26- Book Fair

February 26- End of 4th 6 weeks

March 14-18-Spring Break

What is our MAIN FOCUS this week?

ELA-Expository Writing

SS-The Growing of the Cattle Industry & The Moving of American Indians

Math-Fractions and Decimals

Science-Patterns on Earth

Safety Reminders

We wanted to remind you about safety for students coming to and going home from school. We have many students who walk, ride a bike, or a skateboard to school. Please remind your child to be extra careful on the busy roadways. As you are coming or going home, be aware of cars and other people around you. Always ride or walk on the sidewalk. When you come to a top sign or a cross walk, get off your bike or skateboard, and walk across when the crossing guard guides you. Students also need to be careful to walk bike or skateboard near the circle drive or road where there is traffic enters the school driveway to drop off and pick up students. We want to keep all of our students safe. You need to be aware of your surroundings and always look everywhere you are going.

As a reminder, for student safety, we want to remind parents to drop students off in the front circle drive. The back parking lot is for handicap accessibility, staff parking, and buses only. Please help us keep students safe!

Got Tissues? Got Pencils?

We are running out of tissues and pencils at a rapid rate. If you have any to spare, please send them to school with your kiddo.


Please check the lost and found. So many things are missing their owners and it is overflowing. March 11 all items will be donated that are still remaining.
Innovation lab

AMAZIN' Innovation Lab

We have the privilege of having an new innovation lab on campus. Please ask your students about it AND watch the video link above!

If you have any of these supplies laying around you would like to donate to the innovation lab, WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THEM!

1. Construction Tools - Kid Friendly! (Hammers, Nails, Wrench, Measuring Tape, etc.)

2. Sewing Tools/Textile Supplies - Kid Friendly! (Spools of thread, fabric)

3. Electrical Circuit Supplies (Non-working small appliances and technology components)

4. Robotic Crafts

5. 1" PVC Pipe and Joints (cut into 3", 6", 9", and 12" pieces)

6. Small Metal Cans

7. Geoboards

8. Magnetic Letters and Numbers

9. Large floor Pillows

10. Small, Colorful Rugs

11. Tape (Scotch Regular/Double-Sided/Decorative Prints, Duct tape)

12. Clip Boards

13. Easels

14. Hot Glue Gun & glue sticks - mini or regular size
15. Art Supplies - Fun Markers/Chalk/Dry Erase Markers/Window Markers/Painting Supplies

16. Balloons

17. Cardboard - larger pieces

18. Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Rolls

19. Plastic Bottles

20. Vinegar

21. Baking Soda

22. Table Cloths & Drop Cloths

23. Herb/Garden Supplies - Several Types of Seeds or Herbs, Small Gardening Tools, Etc.

24. Yeast

25. Sugar

26. Diet Coke* - Plastic Bottles only. This is for an experiment! I will most likely need 5 per collaboration group.

27. Spaghetti

28. Newspaper
29. Crayola Washable Dry Erase Markers (available at Walmart and they remove the easiest from the dry erase tables!)

30. Small to medium sized boxes

Weather Reminders

Please help your kiddos remember to bring warm gear to school everyday. If the windchill is above 32 degrees we are able to allow them to go outside for 15 minutes. Yet, we can't allow them outside if they don't have proper gear. Thanks so much for your help in this matter and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Also, check out the following webpage for more Bad Weather Information:

Homework Updates and Reminders

  • From your 4th grader you should be seeing Math homework brought home at the beginning of the week that is due at the end of the week. Please encourage them to complete this to their very best ability. Also, the nights they are free of homework or have extra time, please encourage them to get on Think Through Math.

  • In ELA, you won't see weekly homework coming home as we expect each student to READ 40 BOOKS (on their level) this year. They should be reading AT LEAST 20 minutes a night. They have all had a chance to go to the library and we also try hard to build great classroom libraries they can check out from as well.

4th Grade General Reminders

  • Students whose parents/guardians bring in or drop off food from a restaurant will sit at a designated table.
  • If cupcakes or similar store-bought treats are brought in for a birthday, they must be served in the classroom at the end of the day.
  • No early dismissal after 3:00.
  • We teach from bell to bell. Please do not check out students early, unless absolutely necessary.