Mrs. Dina's Kindergarten

Week of May 25th - June 2nd

Last Day

I seriously cannot believe that tomorrow is our last day in kindergarten. As excited as we all are, we are also sad at the same time. It is a bitter sweet moment. I want to take this time to express how much I have loved and enjoyed being your child's teacher this year. Your children brighten my days and make me truly lovey job. I consider your children my children. I care about them and will always remember each and every one of them. We should all be smiling for the time that we have shared together. I hope your children will always remember their time in kindergarten. We have spent 6 hours a day together for 9 months, so it's hard to say goodbye. We have formed strong bonds and have grown attached to one another. I know that your children will always have fond memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. I hope that I have instilled a love of learning in your children, and that they will always remember to make good choices. Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful children. They are more than ready for first grade. Congratulations on a successful year in kindergarten!

A Piece of our Classroom

Tomorrow each student will receive a piece of our classroom. I will be giving away our classroom banner, class books, pictures and more. This is just a little something to help them remember the wonderful year that we shared together.

Report Cards and More

All report cards and assessments will be sent home tomorrow. Student journals were sent home today. This is a wonderful keepsake for your children. I hope you had a chance to look through journals today. If not, you have all summer! You can clearly see the progress each student has made from the beginning of kindergarten up until now. Be sure to continue reading and writing over the summer. Also, your child's IXL account will be active during the summer. Be sure to continue practicing those math facts so your children are more than ready for first grade.

PPO Picnic/Field Day

What a great day we had at the PPO Picnic/Field Day! Your children started off eating a sack lunch and vanilla shakes made by our very generous PPO. We then had 8 stations to go through. We began with a warm-up led by Mrs. Rachel. We balanced eggs on a wooden spoon, we hoped in potato sacks, we did an obstacle course, we competed in tug-of-war, we had a scooter race, a balloon toss, and played soccer. I would like to thank all the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to help with this event. Your children loved your participation and we are extremely thankful.
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Congratulations to our Star Students!

We celebrated George's birthday!

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We celebrated Penni's birthday!

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We Graduated from Kindergarten!

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