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The USS Salt Lake City was one of the many ships In the Battle of the Pacific. It was 585 ft long and 558ft wide. It reached speeds up to 37 mph. The construction started around 1927 and it was first launched in 1929. There where 560-610 people on board. The USS Salt Lake City got its name from Salt Lake City, Utah. It was built by New York shipbuilding corporation. It was built for revenge at the Pacific for the destruction of Pearl Harbor. The ship was sponsored by Miss Hellen Budge. They had a nickname for the ship and it was called they Swayback. It was called the Swayback because they had nicknames for the crew so they thought the ship should have a nickname.


The USS Salt Lake City CA-25, construction began in 1927. It was finally launched two years later in 1929. After its launched, it was reclassified as a heavy cruiser. The cost was $8,673,833.00. The person who sponsored the ship was named Ms. Helen Budge.

The capacity limit was 1,500 short tons. It's complement included 87 officers and 567-612 enlisted. In 1948 the USS Salt Lake City survived one of the most dangerous bombs ever made. It was awarded 11 battle stars. Swab Jockeys named it Swayback Maru. Swab jockeys were what the crew members where called. It's code letters were NISK. Its hull symbol CA-25. The installed power included 12 white Forster boilers, and 4 Parsons reduction steam turbines. It carried 4 float planes, and 2 midships catapults.

Wreath Laying In honor of the USS Salt Lake City.wmv


WWII NAVY Veteran Bob Jackson aboard the USS Salt Lake City


  • On the USS Salt Lake City there where 55 caliber guns and 25 caliber anti-aircraft guns.
  • The top speed was 37.6mph.
  • The crew slept on bunk beds and hammocks.
  • The crew name was swab jockeys.
  • There where 44mm Bofor guns. 19 single 20mm Orelikon cannons.


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