My Mt. Rushmore

Tea Kreifels

About Mt Rushmore

Gutzon Borglum was the first man to design faces of four president’s. He designed president George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.He designed those faces near Keystone, South Dakota. The faces of the four presidents were finished in 1941.If I had to put four people on my Mt. Rushmore they would be my Mom, my uncle Brandon, my Grandpa, and my Grandma.

My first person

The first person I would put on my own Mt Rushmore is my mom, Renee because she always helps me with anything. She helps me with my homework and personal things. She’s nice to everyone including her friends , family , and kid's. I love my mom and we are really close.I love her and she loves me and that’s why she should be on my Mt Rushmore.

My second person

The second person I would put on my Mt Rushmore would be my Grandpa , Richard.

He’s always playful. He likes playing games such as tag.The second reason why he should be

on my Mt Rushmore is he’s really funny. He makes funny songs and funny joke. My Grandpa is special to me and that’s why I want him on my Mt Rushmore.

My third person

The third person I would put on my Mt Rushmore would be my Uncle , Brandon. He always loves to rock out everywhere. Brandon can be wild and go crazy. The second reason would be he always loves to go places that are really fun. We have gone to Elitches Garden. The Adventures Rope Park, and The Trampoline Fun House.

My last person

The last person I would put on my Mt Rushmore would be my Grandma, Linda. She's always funny, messing with my grandpa. She always has time to play with me no work, just spending time together. I love her. That's why she should be on my Mt Rushmore.


In conclusion, I'm going to tell you why I wrote about my Mom,Uncle,Grandpa, and Grandma. I put these people on my Mt Rushmore because they care about me and inspire me with good things. If I ever make a Mt Rushmore I would put these people on it and make it in Denver, Colorado. These people are important to me and care about me. That's why I put them on my Mt Rushmore