Freak the Mighty



The book relates to the theme because Freak "Kevin" and Max is the mighty which the title is Freak the Mighty. One quote in the book is "I never had a brain until Freak came along." At the beginning of the book Max had a low self of steam. Nobody liked him at school. He had no friends because they thought he was weird. Then he saw Freak and he was acting like a robot and they were both weird and they became friends.

Man vs. Nature

Freak has this disease and it is really bad. His disease is called Morquio Syndrome. Max is still his best friend even when he has the illness. Max carries him around everywhere. Freak is dying and Max is going to be with him until the end. Freak is fighting the disease but it is taking over his body.

Contrast Between Characters: Freak and Max


Freak had no friends because of his disease and they all thought he was a weird kid. Max has no friends as well as Freak because nobody wants to hang out with him. They had no friends until they met each other. Max has been with Freak all the way and won't leave him. They are great friends to each other.