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#ThomsonRocks Week of: April 14, 2019

Important Information for You!

Two Exciting School Events This Week-Bike Helmets and Farm Day

As you know, Monday is Bike Helmet Day for all of our kindergarten students. As in past years, I will come to your classroom when it is time for your room to come down. Those of you who have been here know that there is no real way to schedule Bike Helmet fittings because each helmet is specially fitted to the child which takes varying amounts of time. I will do my best to avoid your Reader's Workshop block, but I appreciate you flexibility as well.

Then on Thursday, we will welcome Upland Hills Farm back to Thomson for our annual Farm Day! Please feel free to dress in your best 'farm wear'. Our master event scheduler, Anna, sent out the schedule for you to follow.

On both of these days, lunch will be eaten in the classroom. Thank you to Jim, Kay, and Catherine who adjust to make these days successful for our kids as well!

Literacy Essential #3

Essential 3: Small group and individual instruction, using a variety of grouping strategies, most often with flexible groups formed and instruction targeted to children's observed and assessed needs in specific aspects of literacy development.

This week let's focus on the second bullet which states that the teacher coaches children as they engage in reading and writing, with reading prompts focusing primarily on (a) monitoring for meaning, (b) letters and groups of letters in words, (c) rereading. So...when you look at your guided reading and word study instruction how are you intentionally monitoring meaning, letter knowledge and usage, and rereading? Are you asking surface level (recall) comprehension questions and deeper comprehension questions that answer 'why' questions? In your word study groups, are you using letters and letter knowledge to build words...for example, if you know cat, you know bat, hat, sat and if you know sat, you know sit, and set? And don't forget the power of retelling previous texts for fluency, comprehension, and assessment for future lessons (i.e. running records).

Please follow the link below to watch a short 6 minute video further explaining and giving examples of how Essential 3, Bullet 2 can be put into practice.

Parent-Teacher Conferences Follow-up

I hope that you all enjoyed the time you were able to spend with the parents of your students. Please be sure you are reaching out to parents of students who are considering a growth year. Don't forget we would like these decisions made no later than May 10th, if not sooner. If you are having trouble reaching a parent for any reason and you would like my help, please let me know.

End of 3rd Marking Period & Report Card Comments

Thursday is the end of the 3rd marking period and staff will have until 4pm on Wednesday, April 24th to complete report cards. Report cards will be generated and printed on Thursday, April 25th for review. Cards will then go home with students on Friday, April 26th. Report Card comments should be entered on all report cards and should be specific for that student. This would include sharing with the parent their students progress this marking period. Comments that state was taught this marking period should be avoided as this information has been shared through classroom newsletters sent home each week. Please be sure to proof read all comments for grammar and spelling before sending home.

Cardinal Code Focus for the Week: Cafeteria

This week's Cardinal Code Lesson Focus for the week is the Cafeteria. This is an area that has been challenging this year. I would like each and every classroom to fully reteach the Cardinal Code Cafeteria lesson this week. Not only is it very, very loud (which I can even live with), the students are leaving things on the floor, getting up throughout lunch, and in some cases, being very disrespectful or our monitors. Please do not threaten or be upset, but rather reteach.

Employee of the Year Nominations

Every year the DEF recognizes a Teacher and Support Person of the Year. Michelle Edwards promotes it with parents and I will be sharing on our PTO Facebook page. I want to encourage you all to consider nominating someone as well. If you have a child in the District, perhaps you’ll want to nominate one of their teachers. If not, maybe you’ll want to nominate one of our amazing support staff members. This includes secretaries, monitors, parapros, cooks, Success Coordinators, and custodians. If you have noticed someone going above and beyond this is the perfect time to take a moment to recognize them by nominating them for one of these awards.

Quotes Worth Reading

"The voice you speak to children with becomes their inner dialogue, choose your words and tone wisely."


Food for thought: How does tone of voice affect you as a person? How does your tone of voice and words affect your students? Are you speaking in a way that is modeling respect...even when things aren't going the way you might want or you are repeating something for the twentieth time?

Remember...your words and how you treat them will be how your students remember you...what do you want them to remember about you?!?!

Celebrations & Announcements

Birthdays: Anna Pariseau, April 20th...Happy, happy birthday to you!

Don't forget, Annette's Retirement Party has been rescheduled for Tuesday, April 16th beginning at 4:30 p.m. at MD's.

Who doesn't like a good ol' Easter Egg Hunt? Watch your email later this week for the details!

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Week of April 15th-PLC WEEK

  • Monday, April 15th-Bike Helmet Day; PTO, 6:30 p.m.

  • Tuesday, April 16th-Child Study Day; DK ACC Release Day, Williams Property; Annette's Retirement Party

  • Wednesday, April 17th-Staff Meeting, 7:35 a.m. (Agenda: Spring Assessments; Classroom Ordering, Classroom Cleaning)

  • Thursday, April 18th-Farm Day; Elementary Principals Meeting (Natalie)

  • Friday, April 19th-No School Good Friday

  • Sunday, April 21th- Happy Easter!

  • Week of April 22nd-Kindergarten Round-up!

  • Tuesday, April 23rd-K-4 Math Learning Labs

  • Thursday, April 25th-CMC 4-7 p.m.

  • Week of April 28th- PLC Week

  • Monday, April 29th-NWEA Assessment Window Opens; ACC, 4:15-6:15 p.m.

  • Tuesday, April 30th-DIBELS Assessment Window Opens; Author Denise Bennan-Nelson Visits

  • Wednesday, May 1st-Staff Meeting, 7:35 a.m. (Agenda: End of Year); KRA Webinar (Megan C. and Natalie)

  • Thursday, May 2nd-Elementary Principals Meeting (Natalie); Volunteer Dinner

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