The Moon

Without it, We'd Be Nothing!

Why do we need it? It's just a moon...

There are many different scenarios in which we could lose our moon. In the first a huge cataclysm is coming towards Earth, but instead hits the moon. Our planet is safe, or is it? The moon keeps Earth stable. It tugs on the ocean causing ocean tides. Without it we would lose about 2.5 times the tides. This will cause fertile land to dry up, and we would face, disease, famine, and war. Bet those floods are looking good now.. Our world would also go off it's axis. This would cause the world to heat up one second and then freeze the next. Also, it could tip over and lie in the same position for who knows how long. This would cause one part of the world to be completely dark and the other half to be light all the time. Pick your side because where the two meet there will be torrential downpours and crazy winds. So good luck without your moon..
Life on earth without the moon
The Effects On The Earth If The Moon Disappeared