United States Historical Events

1939- First commercial television broadcast

Why is this event important enough to be included on the timeline?

The event is important because in this period of time, people were introduced to something new. At this time, new technology and ways to control it were being discovered and people were amazed by it.

1939- First Commercial TV Broadcast information ...

On April 30th, 1939, The day that New York's World Fair opened, the American public was introduced to the first U.S. television broadcast as President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a speech to welcome thousands of attendees. Television sets at the fairgrounds at Flushing Meadows Park carried the live broadcast via the NBC network. Each day after brought new wonders from the magic box that became one of the main attractions of the "World of Tomorrow," which the fair purported to showcase. No surprise that RCA began selling TV sets shortly after that first broadcast.

Many of the TV sets tended to look a lot like furniture, so they would look nice in the living room. Some models came in mahogany or walnut cabinets; others were combined with AM/FM radios and record players.

How did this impact American Literature?

I believe that this impacted american literature greatly. Mainly because, many people would read or go outside before the television was even invented. Now a days, you rarely have people reading a book or a magazine . Everyone relies on the TV for entertainment. The way the first television broadcast was being set up was something that was going to affect the present and the future . People are now reporting news from outside the country or from their hometown. It allowed people to write stories about whats going on in the world.