Morning Showers vs. Tiredness

By: Jeremy Lim and Navya Peddireddy (Martin Period 6)

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Does showering in the morning affect how a high schooler feels throughout the day?


High schoolers who take showers in the morning feel more awake throughout the day.

Type of Investigation:

Comparative Investigation

Parts of the Experiment

Dependent Variable: How many times the students wanted to fall asleep

Independent Variable: Shower taken in the morning

Control: None

Experimental Group: High schoolers (age 14-18) who sleep more than 7 hours

Two Factors Held Constant: Age group (14-18) and more than 7 hours of sleep

Data Table

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Bar Graphs (Range and 2SEM Error Bars)

Range Error Bars

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2SEM Error Bars

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The difference between taking morning and afternoon showers shows significant difference because they do not share more than one number on the error bars of the 2SEM graph, expressing that morning showers do help students be more awake throughout the day. Therefore, the independent variable (taking morning showers) did have an effect on the results. According to the data, learners who took morning showers felt more awake during the day rather than those who took afternoon showers. Students who took showers in the morning did not feel as tired throughout the day. Regarding the error bars for the morning showers, the lowest amount of time a person wanted to sleep was 0 times whereas the maximum amount was 4 times. On the other hand, people who took a shower in the afternoon had the urge to fall asleep a minimum of 1.5 times, whereas the maximum was 25. This correlates with the averages. For example, the average was 1.2 hours for the people who took a shower in the morning whereas it was 5.3 hours for people who took a nap in the afternoon, indicating that the hypothesis was correct. Furthermore, a t-test on the data evaluated to a p-value of 0.029, which is significantly under the threshold of 0.05, which qualifies the data sets as significantly different. The reasoning behind the results would be due to the skin cells that restore the damage on the skin layer, known as the epidermis. ( All of the scabs one could possibly receive throughout the day gets restored at night when the skin cells function constantly in order to close up the wound ( In addition, the waste from the skin cells get discarded in the morning when one takes a shower, making one’s body cleaner and more awake ( Waking up and taking a shower makes a student feel more awake and at ease ( All in all, morning showers control stress levels, improve blood circulation, and keep student’s bodies feeling more nourished and hygienic ( Therefore, high school students who took morning showers were more awake throughout the day.


The hypothesis that morning showers reduced the amount of times a student felt tired was supported by the claim and evidence in the analysis. On average, students who showered in the morning felt less tired throughout the school day; therefore, morning showers allow students to feel less tired throughout the school day.

Sources of Inaccuracies/Errors

Sources of error occurred in the survey process. One question surveyed was the number of times the student feels tired throughout the day. The participants who answers roughly estimated the number of times they wanted to fall asleep in class because they were not informed to count the exact number of times. In addition, students that answered the survey could have slept for more than seven hours. This leads to error because a student who sleeps for seven hours will produce different results than a student who slept for 11 hours.

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