Come To Greece

BY: Gianna Charles

Welcome To Greece

Have you ever been to Greece before? If not then here are a few things about Greece, the history behind some of the things they did, and sites you can see when you are there


One of the many things that the Greeks were known for was trading.

Some of the things they traded

  • Olive oil
  • Purple dye (go to 0.45)
  • etc.

Olive Oil

Did you know that the Greeks were the first ones to make olive oil? This was something that everyone wanted because of the taste that it brought to their probably bland food. One of the other things that they used the olive oil for was as lotion! It make their skin all nice and smooth after words.

Modern Day Way That Olive Oil Is Made

Olive Oil Documentary

Throughout the Seasons

The Land

  • 3/4 of the land is covered by beautiful mountains
  • 20% of the land is fertile for you to be able to plant all different types of things
  • small streams that water the alley way