The Dangers Of the New Digital World


  • Malware means malicious software
  • Malware is unwanted software that fusses up computers
  • Malware invades computers and can prohibit access to files, or delete them
  • Malware can crash anything from PCs to servers, supercomputers to company networks

Loss Of Confidential Information

  • hackers steal passwords, credit/debit card #s, login info, possibly resulting in money stolen from accounts, selling personal info, etc.
  • steal confidential info resulting in possible re-do of info, loss of one-of-a-kind files, which means time is wasted
  • sometimes malware called ransomware such as the “Cryptolocker” virus forces you to pay; in this case pay to decrypt files with a so-called “private decryption key” stored on internet
  • Some malware called spyware tracks keystrokes

Loss Of Operational Time

  • loss of time for work, possibly resulting in loss of time to make money
  • loss of time for work, reducing productivity of company, organization, and/or computer affecting the money made
  • steal confidential info resulting in possible re-do of info, loss of one-of-a-kind files, which means time is wasted re-doing

Loss Of Money Due To Data Loss and Hardware Damage

  • when you recover/clean (a) computer(s), it will take money to clean
  • in some cases when the malware renders your computer inoperable, you have to replace the computer
  • If your computer has programs that cost money, when you replace the computer you will have to buy it again

How To Protect Your Computer From Malware

  • malware cannot be stopped
  • new malware made every day
  • prevent malware by deleting suspicious files, and attachments
  • prevent malware by being careful on the internet and not clicking on suspicious links
  • prevent malware by keeping up-to-date updates, up-to-date antivirus software, and up-to-date firewalls
  • malware will be more cunning and damaging since users found out malware can be used to make money
  • make regular backups of files
  • only run programs from publishers you trust
  • files from friends don’t mean they are malware-free
  • do not download something, click a link or go to unknown and suspicious websites
  • run regular antivirus scans - most people shut down their computer when it’s supposed to scan or don’t regularly scan
  • use encryption - WEP is no longer strong enough, WPA or WPA2 is sufficient

Final Word

Malware impact our world and the digital world negatively.
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