Need A Babysitter?

I'm here to help! ~ Emma Angle

When, and Who

My name is Emma. I am comfortable babysitting all ages of children. I am eleven years old, and I only charge five dollars on hour. I can babysit every day of the week except Tuesday, and can babysit until 9:30 each night. I am certified by the Red Cross, and have taken a babysitting course through Liberty Public School District. I have grown up with four siblings, and babysit for my two younger siblings.

Contact Information

Home phone: (816) 415-2505

Moms phone: (816) 507-2147

Dads phone: (816) 507- 2247


My email:

Mom and Dads:

Or you can Find my mom and dads Facebook under Kim-Spike Angle.

Things to Remember!!!

I will babysit any age! I will babysit up to three kids! I only charge five dollars an hour! I can stay until 9:30!

I will work every day of the week except Tuesday! I am eleven years old!