Flamethrower and Submarine Project

By Cory Delaney

When, where and whom were these invented by

The flamethrower was invented in 1901, it was invented in Germany, it was invented in by Richard Fielder, the submarine was invented in 1620, it was invented in England it was invented by Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel.

How do these weapons work

For the flamethrower the housing of the tanks and lightning causes a small flame that will stay in the tank when you pull the trigger the flames comes out. The submarine is a stealthy ship that will dive then later resurface.

How the weapons were used in World War 1

The flamethrower was able to be mounted on vehicles, and man-portable. The submarine were stealthy ships until people saw the ships and their sonar radar.

On what battle front were these used in and by what country

The flamethrower was used in the Western Front by Germany. The submarine was used in the Western Front by Germany.

One advantage of these weapons

The flamethrower advantage was actually using fire as a weapon since it is deadly. The submarine advantage are one of the best combat machines that man has made.
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