Arian Foster

Biography by:ANDREW L

Early Life

Arian Foster was born in August 24, 1986 his age right now is 28 years old. wean he was a high school player he played football at valley high school he was a running back and he still is a running back for the houston TEXANS. arian foster has been playing sence he was 8 years old.
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Arian Foster career is being a football player. he has a wife 2 kids. the contract he has for football he makes 30 million a year. witch is very good for a football player. but he also has been on the texans for awile now
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I choosed Arian Foster becuse he is a talnted hard working football player.some of the obsticals he has been truogh is knee enjury witch was last year in 2024 he tour his acl and he couodnt play the entire sesone witch wasnt good becuse arian foster is the best player on the team witch is my dessision the bad news is that the new texans chouch traded him and andra jonson they were the 2 star players andra jones has set a recoored for six years on the texans every pass they have trown to him he has ever dropped a ball but last he dropped his first ball every body was so suprised tat that happen. arian foster has never fubled a football and last year that was the first time that has happend. arian and andra were freinds but the sad thing is they both got drafted to diffrent teams.