To Begin Anew

A Synopsis

Our world has changed.

This society is vastly different than the one we once knew. Our equivalent of apocalypse did not come from what we expected; not from natural disasters or a-bombs.

The true apocalypse came from our society.

You either die a hero


A man out of time. They call him a "Hollowed One": one who will never fit in to the New World. From the year 2015, Allister doesn't remember how he was transported to 632 P.B.
And he likely never will.

Or live long enough

The Puppeteer

One who oversees what's left of our world.
How can such a place exist without one of evil intent? Allister is convinced that the Puppeteer is the one who controls everyone from the shadows... and he will search to the ends of the earth to find him.

To see yourself become

The New World

In this society, a system of "ranks" separate the world's population into classes; they live unbeknownst to the horrible truth of their lives. No one realizes their blatant conditioning other than Allister, and he will do anything to return to his home and fix the wrongs made by the people of the past.

The villain.