Nat Turner

KaDesha Estrich

Background Information

  • Nat turner was born Oct. 2nd 1800
  • Turner was born into slavery it is believed that his father escaped when he was just a boy.
  • Turner stayed connected with his maternal and paternal grandparents.
  • It is believed that turner had a wife but they were owned by two different masters so her identity is unknown

Movements success?


Turners Rebellion was considered to be the bloodiest of them all. Fear was spread throughout the south. It is said that Nat Turners rebellion ignited the Civil War. "Confessions of Nat Turner" was published by a lawyer after Turners Captured where he revealed why he started the movement that changed Virginia. Turner surrendered peacefully when discovered by a hunter accidently. Turners Rebellion changed the mindset of slaves and made them conform as one.

Final Judgement.

Nat Turner was sentenced to death for the rebellion he started in Virginia. Turner described his mission in his confession by stating the following the "Holy Ghost had revealed itself to me, and made plain the miracles it had shown me—For as the blood of Christ had been shed on this earth, and had ascended to heaven for the salvation of sinners" Turners rebellion showed the unity that came about through religion. Turner believed judgment was ahead so he had to take action. Over 13 slaves died that day along with turner for their participation in the rebellion
Nat Turner's Rebellion
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A Change Is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke, 1963