My Ecological Footprint

Seth Arthur Period 1

What is an Eco Footprint

It shows your impact you make per year on the ecosystem and the atmosphere

The Factors

  1. Home Energy
  2. Driving and Flying
  3. Food and Diet
  4. Recycle and Waste
  5. Where you live


Me= 67



In Massachusass

You pollute less in Massachussass because you drive a lot less.

Which Factors have the biggest effect

I believe that Driving and Flying mixed with Home Energy have the greatest effects on the ecosystem.

Pros and Cons

Pro= You are making a better future for the children

Con= It is inconvienent to do some of these things to better the ecosystem

Some quick effects

  • Cleaner Air
  • Less Asthma attacks
  • Better quality of life for emphazyma patients

Long term effects

  • Save the Caribou
  • Save the atmosphere
  • Save the Glaciers