Brittany's Portfolio

1st Period Careers


I was born in West Plains, Missouri. My favorite color(s) are blue, red and black. I love to sleep and text. My favorite number is 7.


My home life was being lied to by my mom and dad. Me and my mom get along good. On 10/23/15 my mom adopted me to get my dads name off of my birth certificate. She had adopted us because my father has not seen me nor my little sister since 2008, and she thought that it would be best for us not to have contact with us.


i expected my self esteem results. My results can stay the same because I do not have a good self esteem. I can start believing in my self to make my score higher than what it is. I have a low self esteem because I do not have faith in my self and everything else that makes someone have a low self esteem.
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The results for the attitude test came out about right. I have a I don't care attitude, and a really bad attitude about other things. I have a negative attitude in my life, I have a I don't care attitude. I don't think that my negative attitude will ever turn into a positive attitude.
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The test results was almost right, when I grow up I want to be either a makeup/hair stylist or a doctor of some kind. Right now I can not do makeup/ hair it always comes out looking bad and looking like a two year old had done it. In the future, I hope that I can do my hair and makeup really good so that I can become a makeup/ hair artist.
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This is right, I learn better with auditory and none of the others. It is 100% easier for me to learn this way because it functions into my brain this way. I learn better this way because I do not understand a lot of things and this is the best way for me to learn. I will try to use the other methods to learn but right now this one is best for me.
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I do not think this is right, I think that i have more percentage of the ESPJ. I have a good personality but people think that I am weird. It says i have a 9% of Extravert, 16% of sensing, 16% of feeling, and 1% of judging.
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This is right, I use my left brain more then my right. People say when you use one side of the brain too much that side of the head will hurt. I think that I am smart but I'm sure that I am not 100% smart. I feel like i use my left part of my brain more than my right side because I always have a headache and my head hurts mostly on the left side, I go by what people says: If your brain hurts on that side then you are using that side more.
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I think that this is right, blue is my favorite color and the definition about the color blue is 100% true. I think that blue shows my true personality. When I see blue I am all happy and not so girly, but when I see other colors like pink (besides black) I am about 90% girly.
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Career Pathways

Some of these are right, but most of them are wrong. I want to be an audio and video technology and film because it seems really cool and it seems very very interesting to me. I am trying to be just like my brother, he is going to college to be a game designer. One day I wanna do exactly what he is doing or something very similar to what he does.
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Work Values

I want some of these, I want something like income because I need income so that I can support my family and every one else. Another one is accomplishment, I accomplish tasks in life but I want to accomplish a lot of other things in life besides the really easy tasks, kinda like a challenge but with life. Workplace is another, I need a good work place so that I do not get concentrated.
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