Enticing Earthworms

Earthworm disection Pre-AP Biology April 1, 2014-VU


Earthworms or Lumbricina are chute-like organisms that feed on dead organic matter. Earthworms are classifed in the phylum, Annelida. These useful organisms help the earth by converting organic matter into hummus, which in turn refines the soils productivity.

Lab Objective

To observe the external and internal structure of an earthworm. Students will work together in a group to examine the internal and external structures of an earthworm.
Earthworm Dissection Lab

Earthworm Digestive system

The earthworm collects the food by using the pharynx to feel out it's surroundings. After gathering food the pharynx siphon's the food into the esophagus.The food moves then to the crop where it is sometimes stored and over to the gizzard were it is grated into smaller pieces. The remaining substance is pushed into the intestine, where it is deposed through fecal matter.

Earthworm digestive system parts


Pharynx- a tube like muscular cavity that connects the throat to the digestive system.

Esophagus- the tube which the food goes through, connects the mouth to the stomach

Crop- the part of the digestive system where food can be stored

Gizzard- where the food is grinded into smaller pieces