Symbols of America

Statue of Liberty - Bennett Loock

Why is this important?

The Statue of Liberty or what some people like to call, "Lady Liberty" is an important symbol here in the United States. The Statue was a gift to show friendship form France to the United States , but here is shows freedom and the democracy in the United States. You may be thinking why freedom? Well the Statue of Liberty is also there for the immigrants coming to the United States freedom and that they are welcomed.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

  • Who?
Frederic Auguste Bartholdi

  • What?
Copper Statue that is a meaningful symbol of history and even still today

  • When ?
Construction started in September 1875

Created and opened on October 28 1886

  • Where
Liberty Island, New York Harbor, New York city

  • Why?
The Statue of Liberty was meant to be a gift of Friendship from France to the United States and it symbolizes our freedom and our democracy

  • How?
Fredric built and constructed the statue collaboration with Gustave Eiffel ( responsible for its frame


" America is an adorable women chewing tobacco" - Fredrick Auguste Bartholdi

This is saying we are so beautiful, but there are bad parts to us

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