Weekly Announcements

May 9

Schedule your Final Evaluation Meeting

Please schedule a time to meet with your evaluator. We will go over your final evaluations, your professional goals and your student learning goals. Be prepared with your student data to show growth. If you are evaluated by Angela, schedule with Julie and if you are evaluated by Karla schedule with her. Thank you!

Dia de las Madres and Mother's Day Celebration

Thank you so much for helping to make the day special for so many families. Students were smiling big with their flowers after school! Such a nice feeling for our community!


Thank you to GLEN and SANDY Libonati for all of your hard work on this play. You worked miracles with those kids and transformed our cafeteria into a professional theater. Such a great experience for our kids.

Duty Schedule

Please show up to your duty. If you have a substitute that day, remember to include your duty in your plans. The IA's really count on your help with before and after school jobs in all areas especially in the gym and at parent pick up. We are trying to get all students out in a timely manner safely and count on your help to make that happen. :)


Staff Meeting, May 10th


Restorative Justice Krista

Technology Fair G and Denise

Staffing and stuff Angela

May 18th Schedule Committee Meeting 3:15pm

Angela and Karla Out

May 12th in the morning!

District Announcements

Special Education

2016-2017 Requests for Additional Adult Assistance are due to the Special Education Office no later than 5/6/16.

Google Translate now available on the Beaverton School District website

In an effort to make District information more accessible and to offer information in multiple languages to cater to our diverse students and families in the Beaverton community, Google Translate has been added to our District website.

The Google Translate drop-down menu can be found throughout the entire website in the top right-hand corner of each page next to the Search box. The widget allows users to select a desired language (there are currently 21 languages to choose from). The language preference is saved via a cookie on the web browser during your browsing session, and all pages that are viewed will be automatically translated into the selected language. Google Translate allows users to easily change language translation preferences any time or simply disable the service.

The languages that will be available for translation include: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Marathi, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese.

Once you have selected a language, you can manage your language preference and return back to English by using the Google Translate tool at the top of the screen.

IT Summer Updates

There are a number of changes coming over the summer. We have a created a document describing all of the changes and will be sharing with CSTs, LITTs, and other staff. Click here

Highlight your school’s STEM programming

May 1st through the 8th is STEM Week Oregon, a statewide movement to raise awareness, celebrate and engage in activities involving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Why celebrate STEM? Quality STEM education is critical for our students’ academic and professional success. Engaging students, families, and community members in STEM related activities will help promote the importance -- and fun -- of STEM!

Ways for school/teachers to participate:

Educators, principals, students, community organizations, STEM companies and professionals, and colleges & universities all have a role to play. Learn more on the Oregon STEM Week webpage.

Spring Summit

Building the Future Spring Summit

Save the date and register now! Please join us for inspiring and practical learning sessions led by LITT's, Innovation Strategists, District Librarians and Future Ready teachers from Beaverton Schools. Open to all schools. Breakfast included. Stipend available for certified staff. Bonus stipend if you lead a session. Brought to you by your Instructional Innovation team.

May 14 from 9am - 1pm @ Aloha High School

Elementary Science

Opportunity for NGSS professional development for elementary teachers through Portland State University Math Science Partnership (MSP) Grant.

Tuition reimbursement with direct invoicing available. MSP Grant funds to support participants who've exhausted BSD tuition reimbursement funding. Hybrid course format combining in-person and online learning experiences.

Explore, engage and connect with the Next Generation Science Standards. Increase your capacity to support students in developing their conceptual understanding through 3-dimensional learning, integrating disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts. Investigate the intersection of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and English Language Proficiency (ELP) in supporting language-rich learning environments for all students.

Registration begins: 5/2 Course dates 6/18-8/17

Opportunity for NGSS/CCSS professional development for elementary teachers through the Private Eye Program.

Teachers will apply crosscutting ideas of analogies, patterns, scale and proportion, systems and models, and structure and function throughout science, math, and literacy. The focus will be on embedding the use of a jeweler's loupe and questioning strategies into STEM content areas, as well as scientific and mathematical practices to enhance students' ability to: 1) develop motivational bridges between content areas; 2) make investigation into content areas simpler, but sophisticated and scholarly; 3) develop students who naturally write-across-the-curriculum with high-level results.

Course dates: 7/25-7/29

Middle School

Middle School Math Professional Development

Secondary ELA Professional Development

Good Reads