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Throughout our lives as humans we are taught to obey; obey the law, obey our parents, obey our elders, and obey the ones in charge. Even though this is what we are taught is it always right to obey what we are told to do? In O’Brien’s case in 1984 this is a resounding no. We see him act as Winston’s friend throughout the whole story only to betray and torture him in the end. Although countless experiments have shown this as a usual act when one must follow someone in charge, this is no excuse for the betrayal of Winston. O’Brien is a member of the party and one of his requirements is to take orders but while taking orders there is a certain amount of humanity that comes into play. By O’Brien brainwashing Winston into believing the party again, making him experience his biggest fear, ruining the love Julia and Winston had for each other O’Brien takes his orders to the extreme. The excruciating punishment for Winston is why I as a person cannot stand up for O’Brien and his actions.