Arctic Tundra

By : Mary Milligan

5 abiotic & 5 biotic factors

Abiotic factors







~polar bear


~arctic fox

~arctic hare



Average yearly precipitation is 6-10 inches of rain each year. Average tempetures are -30 in the winter and 54 in the summer. The soil isn't very fertile , so it grows arctic willow & moss. The soil is called permafrost. There is a variety of animals , including snowy owls & musk oxs.

Animal Life

Second deadliest environment

Biome awareness

We need this biome for plant photosynthesis , but the humans may have an effect on it because of the trash and oil in the oceans. We could prevent that by being more careful and cleaning up beaches.

Plant life

They have arctic moss & arctic willow. The soil has poor nutrients and permafrost.

Only 6 weeks of summer !!